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Improv-based training & creative services for top companies…Not to mention amazing entertainment.  Let us help warm up your team for your meeting. Team building we've got it. Send us an email and find out how CSz can help your business.  Email us at

Thousands of customers have been transformed by CSZ

CSz is an improv-based entertainment and education company, specializing in corporate comedy shows and training.

We offer an incredible range of creative solutions, from events and entertainment to education and business training. Whether you need entertainment for a group, want to take a class in comedy or public speaking, or need custom-designed training for your company based on applied improvisational techniques, we’ve got you covered. You may know us from our flagship ComedySportz® Match. but we are so much more!

CSz Business has worked with more than 60 of last year’s Fortune 500 companies, and has more than 600 years of collective corporate training experience.  We offer a variety of Corporate Offerings, including (click for more detail):

CSz Business Corporate Showz   


Improv for Business Classes
Skill-based Workshops

Interactive Keynotes 

Custom Entertainment

If you’d like to discuss CSz Business corporate workshop programs or shows, email us at or call 646-580-0291.

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