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ComedySportz® New York is the perfect entertainment solution for any occasion and any group! Corporate groups, student groups, college orientations, family gatherings, birthday parties, recruitment events, holiday parties – you name it, we have and will make them laugh!

Here are some reasons why CSz New York perfect for ANY Group...

  • The matches/shows are fully improvised and interactive!

  • All loyal fans can participate, at their level of comfort, in a match/show

  • Every match is unique. The experience you have today will be totally different than the one you have tomorrow.  T

  • There are regularly scheduled “home” matches/shows (most) Saturdays at 4:30 pm  — not too late for kids and early enough for adults who want to kick-off their party evening with a good laugh.

  • Need to attend a match on a weekday or Sunday? No problem! We can host a private customizable match for your group

  • Convenient location near Columbus Circle and Times Square!

  • Can’t make it to us?! We can come to you!

  • Most of all... OUR MATCHES ARE FOR EVERYONE! We play clean and are inclusive! We pride ourselves on being a clean show and we strive to provide smart, funny entertainment, appropriate for all ages. Whether you are entertaining corporate clients, students or looking to get a laugh from Aunt Ethel and Uncle Bert at the family reunion, you can always trust us for good, clean fun!

This is what our loya fans have to say about their CSz New York experience...


“Our evening with Comedy Sportz New York was exactly what I hoped for and more than I could have expected. The actors were engaging, kind, funny, enthusiastic, and clearly passionate about their work. Our students put down their phones, looked up, stood up, clapped, danced, sang, and laughed their way through the entire show. Highly recommend!”


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